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Arizona Wholesale Windows - The Difference
A window is only as good as its components. Our vinyl frames are designed with multiple vinyl extrusions to meet our extreme climate requirements. When it comes to window components such as glass, spacers, hardware, etc., we do not reinvent the wheel; we simply use true and tried components available from the best industry suppliers and tailor them to our design. For instance, we use Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.'s latest, most innovative (energy efficient) LoE-366 (easy clean) glass and Edgetech's Super Spacer (for the seal).
While other manufacturers tend to use typical marketing strategies to rename popular components like "LoE-366" glass, we use their true names so that homeowners know exactly what they are getting. We build a great product; and the more informed the customer, the better for us!

Arizona Wholesale Windows and Doors - A Simple Concept

At Arizona Wholesale Windows, we only offer the highest quality components from carefully selected suppliers, into our window and door frames.
Arizona Wholesale Windows stays 100% focused on "residential" window replacements, unlike most manufacturers who deal with "new construction" along with "residential replacement".  The results are exemplified in our uncompromised products.
"We build skillfully... deliver efficiently... and we sell competitively"!

The primary purpose of the Arizona Wholesale Window is to conserve energy and increase efficiency. We only offer sturdy window frames, that will easily handl and withstand the test of time.  Our windows are field tested and desinged in Arizona. This way the windows don't lose their thermal efficiencies to gaps, air pockets, etc. - like a lot of windows do after only a few years - defeating the purpose of what they were intended to do. Since glass is a major component in a window opening, we incorporated as a standard feature to our windows, the best glass package available in the market. The unique external double-beveled appearance of our window frames is simply an added benefit that our customers can enjoy.


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Arizona Wholesale Windows offers both a standard rail patio slider and the wider 4 3/8" French rail patio slider (for those who prefer a more "French like" appearance).

To Maximize Comfort
Where so much glass in homes typical of this southwestern region can have such an impact on your energy bills in your home, all of our patio sliders come standard with our high performance energy glass package which includes: LoE-366, Super Spacer, and Argon gas filled glass units.

All of our patio sliders come standard with a solid full metal track for our heavy duty tandem brass rollers to effortlessly glide on. We also offer accidental glass breakage warranty on our patio doors which are all tempered. To Fill Homeowners' NeedsWe can build our patio sliders anywhere from 5 feet to 16 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall due to the structural integrity of our patio door frames. Typical configurations for 2-panel doors: XO, OX, 3-panel doors: OXO, OOX, XOO, and 4-panel doors: OXXO, OXOO, OOXO.

For Aesthetic Options
Our patio doors can be designed with the same grid patterns as our windows.

Customize Colors

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Color Coat is available in a variety of colors to match your home, including all the colors shown below.


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